The addition of a civic center in Red Wing could provide many positive opportunities for the community and the surrounding region:

  • An exhibition hall for conventions and sporting events
  • A central hub for retail, business, art, recreation, and education
  • Emphasis around the history, culture, and natural environment of the region
  • Opportunities for investment and economic growth
  • Thousands of potential new customers downtown

There are several programmatic options for a facility this large.  Here is a look at what we feel are important components to a civic center:

  • Ballroom and breakout seminar rooms
  • Commercial kitchen
  • Exhibition hall for conventions and sporting events with retractable bleachers
  • Center for community education
  • Parking lot or garage
  • Attached hotel
  • Restaurant and lounge
  • Home for social and service clubs
  • Museums for art, culture, and history
  • Red Wing showcase for products manufactured locally
  • Red Wing network hub for business, education, and industry
  • Residential housing

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